Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Balance MR759

New for 2011 !!!

This would proly be the only running shoes I'll be able to acquire for the new season 2011. Reason being I've gotta save some money for our upcoming baby (8 months away though) & I actually have 3 active shoes from last year. More on that later.

I bought this shoe using the 30% discount coupon I got from Penang Bridge. I'd planned to use it on a new pair of heavy, durable trainer as a replacement for my Newton Neutral Racer, which has been upgraded as my half marathon race shoes. All runners will get that New Balance 30% off coupon by entering any NB-sponsored race & this is the 1st time I've used the coupon. My decision to buy my first ever NB shoes is based on the fact that NB actually makes one of the best running shoes & it doesn't actually cost tht much. I've been eager to try NB & I guess the time is right.

I've been considering a few NB models, one of them is lightweight trainer/racer 828. But what I need is actually a shoe tht can go the distance, more than 500km. So far only my Mizuno Wave Aero has ever achieved 500km or more. So after much consideration, I finally settled on the not-so-heavyweight & neutral MR759.

The 759 is categorized as a cushioning shoe in NB website. & for a good reason. The amount of cushioning is just massive. NB's best cushioning shoe is 1064 & the 759 is the lightest of the cushioning shoes at 11oz. Heel drop is massive, the heel is even taller than my retired Mizuno Crusader 2. Not really a surprise with Abzorb cushioning.

The highlight of the NB cushioning technology is the Abzorb, which is placed at the heel. These looks just like Nike's Shox elastomers, albeit maybe a bit softer. But since I'm a predominantly a forefoot striker, it's very likely that the heel cushioning will barely be able to see action. I had to search 2-3 shopping malls before finally finding the size US11 I need for this shoe. Normally I'd take a size 11.5 or 12, but the shoe fits wide, so 11 is fine for me. The wide forefoot makes this shoe feels very roomy upfront, & I had to tie my laces extra tight to prevent heel slippage. I tried to tie my shoes differently but with that lacing it felt a little tight & restrictive of my heel movement. So I decided to go with the conventional lacing.

Much thought has been given into the design of the shoe & also the outsole, signifying the wide experience of New Balance in producing running shoes. The outer part of the forefoot & inner part of the rearfoot was built with a very durable Ndurance material. The 1064 had a very thin Abzorb material at the forefoot, which aids in forefoot cushioning, but I found it too heavy & thick, which sacrifices road feel. & it's very comfortable, proly my most comfy shoes to date. The extra width, the extra cushioning all contributed to the comfort. The forefoot is thick enuff to give extra cushioning but thin enuff to allow sufficient road feel. I've yet to try this shoe for LSD runs, but I bet it's gonna be superb & proly I can go further with less fatigue.

With a pricetag of RM300 (RM230 after discount), this shoes is a real bargain. Looking forward to an enhanced running experience with the 759.


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